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Empower Your Audience With Positivity

Inspire Your Audience to Persevere Beyond Challenges

Impact your audience well beyond your event itself. Inspire your audience with electric energy, vibrancy and wit. Empower them with actionable tools they can use immediately to persevere. Carrie’s audience love her positivity, and how candidly she shares about invisible illness and how to overcome any uninvited crisis or challenge set before them.

She’s generous with her personal strategies on how she persevered during two extended periods of bed rest, through two uninvited challenges of her own. She discusses how to cultivate a persistent positive mindset, even when a situation continues to worsen. Audiences will bring this extraordinary attitude forward into their personal lives, their workplace, and their communities.

What Does it Mean to Persevere?

Carrie defines the term“persevere” as taking control of a situation where you would otherwise be powerless. Carrie shares the importance of identifying the multiple areas throughout your uninvited challenge where you can control and to focus on the small wins during the difficult times.


Carrie Creed is a dynamic national speaker who inspires others by sharing her story of triumph and perseverance. When overcoming not one, but two, rare life-altering medical conditions resulting in extended periods of bedrest, Carrie’s resilience was greatly tested. However, fear would not prevent her from achieving her goals.

Carrie’s presentation will empower people of all ages to rise above even the most daunting obstacles, particularly when they arrive when least expected.

Carrie’s message ignites hope and provides proven steps to maintain control and gain confidence. She believes “that with a positive mindset you can channel your inner strength to overcome life’s uninvited challenges.”

Carrie’s highly successful 10+ years in sales in the financial industry taught her to consistently strive for a seat at the table. No matter the obstacle, Carrie believes steadfast optimism is the only choice in the face of adversity, and that both collaboration and serving as a knowledgeable resource to others, are essential practices for success.

She lives outside of Philadelphia with her husband and their two young children.

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